Saturday, June 5, 2010

World Environment's Day

World Environment Day(WED) celebrated on 5th JUNE is a day that promotes awareness of the environment and enhances public action, which is very much needed each and everyday to protect our mother earth.
Let us all get to know how environment is important to us, for our better living, for our Planet, for our future by changing our attitudes towards environmental issues. Today and everyday reminds everyone on this planet to get involed in environmental friendly activities. From school children, companies and governments all come together to pledge for buliding greener planet, "Our PLANET"

Let us GO Green and let us all start from our home by saving energy, water, reuse and recycle anything possible, grow plants and many more things. Today when i was reading paper, in one corner of the paper i read that the paper i'm reading is a recycled paper :) I felt happy to know about it.
In my terrace we have many plants which we are growing and feels so good to see it blosoom with flowers :) My hubby when he was young along with his dad planted a small plant in front of our house, today it has grown to be a big tree and its good to see flowers blooming out of it.

Lastly, "To make something special, you have to believe its special"

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