Friday, March 26, 2010

Las Vegas,Gambling World :)

"A place where you can expect the unexpected"

I'm in the Gambling world right now and njoying every moment over here.Exploring new stuffs, njoying casinos, gambling a bit ;) shopping of course and here i am to share my experience in Las Vegas, internationally known for its gambling,shopping and dining.Kindly bear the longest post and njoy my experiences.

I have been staying her for over one and half month and I'm here accompanying my hubby on his official trip. He is busy at his work and I'm busy at my work roaming,njoying,eating, shopping and blogging of course ;)This city is completely surrounded by mountains and I'm staying in the 10th floor of my hotel and njoying the view of mountains everyday and at times i get up early to see the sun rise from my room.
Strip(known as Las Vegas boulevard) which is about 4mile stretch, is a place where all the major or one of the worlds best casinos are located and i have been there N number of times(not to gamble as i hardly know these games)to see the way each and every hotel/casino is built in their own unique way.
Each and every casino have there own way of attracting people to stay in their hotel and njoy the Gambling.

"its not what you see in Vegas,it's how you see it"

Las Vegas has around 122 casinos, you find gaming machine all over Las Vegas. As soon as i entered Las Vegas i found a gaming machine in the airport ;) When a person sits in a bar and asks for a drink right under him there is a gaming machine where he can play till he gets his drink or he can continue even after he gets it without searching for another machine.The popular casino games are Black Jack,Roulette,video poker,slots etc..
MGM Grand casino is one of the largest casino in Las Vegas. Inside this casino as usual there is gambling and i was stunned to see a Lion habitat.The kings of the jungle become kings of the casino floor in this indoor domain. Not to worry-as a glass door separates visitors from animal. There's a huge Lion which was sleeping and a lioness which was roaming around. It is said that Lions don't hear a sound which is coming from casino and all they can hear is a waterfall which was inside that forest. They also said that these lions sleep for about 18 to 20 hours a day ;) There was lion cubs where i saw people playing with it. There was a shopping place next to the habitat which had Lion toys :) Opposite to the habitat, Rain forest cafe, which gives a forest environment inside and all animals toys,large Fish tank,cafe,T-shirts,pens,key chains was there. It was amazing. I wanted to buy the snake :(

Here are the other casinos and its specialities,

  • Bellagio, whats amazing in this casino is as usual the gambling stuff but outside this hotel there is a 25foot Musical fountain,biggest i have ever seen. Every half an hour there is a musical fountain which starts at noon.
  • City Centre, that's where my hubby works ;) the 40foot waterfall attractions provides the back drop.
  • Mandalay Bay Casino, where we can see some of the oceans most awsum/dangerous creatures like tiger sharks,a giant pacific octopus and They host one of the famous Play THE LION KING which I'm yet to see :(
  • New York New York casino, they have created a mini Manhattan in front of this casino and liberty statue with a deadly roller coaster ride in front of it.
  • Paris, The Eiffel tower experience,we can take an elevator ride to the top of this mini Eiffel tower for the birds eye view of Las Vegas from 460 feet above.
  • The Mirage, they have an amazing volcanic show in front of the casino which spews smoke and fire 100 feet high.
  • Caesars Palace, people here can walk like as if they are walking in the streets of ancient Rome,seems like Greek gods come to life.
  • Flamingo, though I'm yet to visit this casino i heard there is a wildlife habitat, Ducks,swan,tropical fish,Chilean flamingo and other exotic animals in 15 acre paradise.
  • Stratosphere, oh my this casino has the three highest thrill rides in the world. It is 1150 feet into the Vegas skyline and the tallest observation tower in US. I could play only two games out of the three as the other was damn scary. We can see whole of strip from the observation deck and Vegas surrounded by mountains.
  • The Venetian, can njoy the romantic ride in the style of Venice. I can say that in front of this casino they have made a little Italy.
  • The Fremont Street, this is a street has the largest LED screen in the world with one of the biggest audio systems. I was really shocked to see this worlds biggest screen.

Before i go on and on about the Gambling world i would like you to see the pictures which i captured of all casinos Treasure Island,Monte Carlo,Rio,Ballys,Excalibur,Circus Circus,Sahara,Casino Royal,Harrah's,planet Hollywood,Wynn,Encore the list goes on.Each and every casino has numerous shows which they play and of course shopping,dinning,Gambling goes on.

These are just the things i have seen or know about Vegas actually there are more to explore about this place.When you guys visit you will know and can njoy to max. Hope you liked the post, plz share your comments.

"What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas"

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Bermuda Traingle

The first time i got to know about this place or name Bermuda Triangle was in KAUN BANEGA COREPATI- series 1.Yes Bermuda triangle is a place near US which connects to Florida and Puerto Rica and it forms as a triangle. The mystery/myth about this triangle is that if you travel by ship or plane in this or inside this triangle "you would disappear" Yes you heard it right Bermuda Triangle also known as "Devil's Triangle"

Now let me get back as to how i got to know about this place, as i said in series 1 of kaun banega program, a contestant wishes, to go to Bermuda triangle with Amitabh bachchan ;) because he wanted to disappear with him so that he could be with him all the time :) I still remember that scene which i saw in star plus all the audience laughed to glory :)I was really young to understand about this place then but i only got to know that if we travel in that place we would disappear. I really don't know how far this myth is true but there are lot of incidence which has happened in this place.
Last night i was watching about this in Discovery channel and saw alot of incidence which has happened in Bermuda Triangle and felt that i should write about this place in my blog as i love this place and its very interesting to know such places as well ;) Read this post of mysterious sea/ocean/area/TRIANGLE. Enjoy the mystery which has continued to attract the attention.

Bermuda Triangle, also know as Devil's Triangle, near south eastern coast of Atlantic ocean located near International waters, The Bahamas a very real place where dozens of ships, planes and people have disappeared with no good explanation.The mystery of Bermuda triangle began in 1950. Many scientists have given the explanation or reasons for the disappearances of ships/plans/people in this area. Scientists have said that environment has played a part in the disappearances. It is been cited that the reasons are either man-made or due to natural causes. It has been discovered that there is large amount of methane gas in the ocean floor in this triangle area which is causing the disappearance. This methane gas is formed due to decayed bodies of sea creatures and because of this methane gas it will not be able to provide the required flexibility for the ships to sail in water. Due to this erosion, the ships sinks without a hint of warning. During such times of erosion even planes faces the danger as it can catch fire.

Other reasons cited are storms, bad weather, under water earth quakes which occurs without any warning and which causes extremely large waves, hurricanes for which ships sinks deep into the ocean without leaving a trace.It is also been known that people who have entered this area, have faced problems when they tried to use their compass,this is because of the magnetic differences in the area.The US Board of Geographic Names does not recognize the Bermuda Triangle as an official name. The US Navy does not believe the Bermuda Triangle exists.

Watch this small video about flight 19 one of the famous well-know incident happened in Bermuda triangle during Dec 5th,1945.Flight 19 an incident which never left any evidence as to what happened.

Flight 19 of Bermuda Triangle
There was another incident which i saw in discovery a pilot was flying to Miami, florida from Puerto Rica over Bermuda triangle when suddenly he discovered some strange cloud was forming around the flight. A tunnel was forming around them and it seemed that the only way to go out of it is to go through the tunnel. They could absolutely see no ocean,no sky,no horizon only the formation of gray clouds around them. Flight's navigational instruments didn't respond. After sometime Pilot see that the tunnel peels away and he is right above the Miami beach. He was amazed, a flight which had to take 75min to reach Miami just took 40 mins for him reach and his instruments started working. IT is believed that magnetic storms from within the earth break through the surface and come into the atmosphere which soon disappears which is why this tunnels form.

There are many other incidences which has happened in this Devil's triangle but cannot be believed whether its true or just a myth.

The Bermuda Triangle thus still remains to be an enigma to many.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Ugadi Festival

Wishing all My friends a very happy Ugadi :)

Ugadi is celebrated in southern states of Karnataka and Andhra pradesh and in south western state of Maharashtra as Gudi Padwa.

Ugadi marks the beginning of the Telugu New Year and one of my favourite festivals :)It also brings the happiness of spring season appearing. In US i find almost everyone waiting for spring season and once spring break sets the time zone also changes. Spring season is liked or loved by everyone. Ugadi is the onset of spring, of "New life"

The origin of the name Ugadi has been derived from the Sanskrit words “Yuga Adi ("yuga + adi meaning "beginning of a new age"). It is believed that Lord Brahma started the creation on this day. Many people start their new ventures on this day as it is considered most auspicious time. On ugadi mom says to wear new clothes, pray to god and taste the dish made out of sweet and sour (Ugadi pachadi) signifying life in the New year will have a mixture of good and hard times.

So here i am showing you guys how to prepare a very simple ugadi pachadi :
  • Raw mango cut into pieces : 1/2 cup
  • Neem buds or Neem Flowers
  • 1/2 to 1 tbsp : Jaggery (grated)
  • 1 cup : Tamarind juice
  • Banana pieces :1/2
  • Red chilli powder : 1/2 tsp
  • Salt to taste
Method :
Soak tamarind in water and get the pulp out of it and and mix all the above ingredients to make the ugadi pachadi.

Enjoy and once again wishing everyone a Happy New year :)

Thursday, March 11, 2010

"Li'l chef in Pepper fields"

Black Pepper chicken is a very simple and delicious recipe to make at home with only few ingredients. One of my favourite home-made chicken recipe. There are many ways of making pepper chicken like chettinad style,
andhra style, chinese style, Asian style but the recipe i'm posting is Mom style ;)
Yes i learnt this from my mom and its my favourite since young.We can prepare this recipe with boneless chicken as well but guys usually love it with bones :) This recipe is for all the bachelors out there who are starters at cooking and who can prepare this dish when there mom's are not around and it just takes 20 mins.


Boneless chicken    : 1/2 kg (cut it into thin strips)     
Redchilli powder     : 1/2 tablespoon
Daniya powder       : 1/2 tablespoon
Cumin seeds          : 1 teaspoon
Onions                  : 1 Finely chopped
Tomato                 : 1 Finely chopped
Gingergarlic paste  : 2 teaspoons
Peppercorns           : Coarsely powdered (or you can use readymade powder)
Oil                        : 2 tablespoon
salt to taste
Coriander for granishing

Method :

  • Pressure cook the chicken with redchilli powder and daniya powder and some water.
  • once done heat oil in a pan, add cumin seeds allow it spatter, add finely chopped onions and let it fry. 
  • Add a pinch of salt to, by this way water from onions oozes out and allows it to cook well. 
  • Add ginger garlic paste and saute for a min 
  • Now add tomatoes and allow it to fry. 
  • 6) Now add the cooked chicken into it and add the pepper corns or pepper powder and saute it nicely.
  • 7) Once done garnish with coriander leaves.


  • You need to add little bit of chilli powder while cooking coz we use pepper powder as well, which is spicy.
  • You can add pepper powder according to spiciness you need. 
  • There are two ways of making this dish, either you can pressure cook the chicken or you can boil it during the course of making by adding more of water and allowing it to boil.

Njoy your treat :)

Monday, March 8, 2010

International Womens day (March 08)

The international women's day celebrated on 8th March of every year is a
universal day for all women around the world.
Here is a small post on womenhood.

Women is a companion of man,
GIFTED with equal mental capacity.

In many parts of the world Women's day is celebrated with high respect.
International Womens day is meant to appreciate those who have the biggest
but quietest influence in our lives. A women is a pillar of temple foundation.

Here is a small video which tells about women and how women's day originated and how a women has been excelled, do spend sometime to watch the video which caught my eyes.

I take this opportunity to write about women and the essense of womenhood.

We have come a long way from struggle and sacrifice a women has made through ages.For eg,. my mother, a women who has spent all her life with her kids bringing them up and concentrating on our future, our career, our life.

The dedication a mother does to her child has no words to put it across, to express and i know all them agree with what i say :) Infact we can differentiate the liberty, freedom given to us with our mothers. It wouldnt have been the same like we have now. The freedom given to me is lot different to the freedom given to my mother by her mother. This shows how a women has been improved over the ages. There is a saying which goes like "men build houses, women build hearth" This means women always hold an important postion in bringing about a family.

International womens day was created to inspire women throughtout the world to work towards equailty. I feel proud to say that we find women in all fields name it is Business, Politics, Fashion,
Industry, Politics, Education, Sports. Oh the list goes on....

So for all the women out there, this day is meant for acknowledging the achievements, contribution and struggles of a women all around the world.

"Be to her virtues very kind,
be to her faults a little blind"

Here's wishing you all wonderfull time celebrating womenhood.

International women's day: A celebration of mystery called WOMEN

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Welcome To my BLOG :)

Hi friends,
Welcome to my "BLOG" my thoughts, my views, my words.
I'm excited to start blogging, to pen down my thoughts in colourful way :)
"Thought is the sculptor who can
create the person you want to be" !!!