Thursday, June 24, 2010

Dexter my love :)

Dexter is an American animated series, a cartoon show where most, almost everyone's favourite cartoon character.
Being a dexter fan how could i not write about this cute boy in my blog :) Dexter's laboratory, is about a genius boy,who has an enormous secret laboratory, filled with an endless collection of his inventions, which is entered primarily through a bookshelf in his bedroom.

It was in 1996, the first season began and i was in 4th std, loved this cartoon coz dexter being so young is so talented by having a secret laboratory and dexter's older sister DeeDee always irritating him :) I used to relate this cartoon to my life where i used to say that i was DeeDee and Dexter was my younger brother ;) always irritating my cuttie brother :)
Dexter is normally in conflict with his older sister, DeeDee, who has talent for gaining access to Dexter's lab despite his best efforts to keep her out.
Dexter cartoon was being played 4 times a day. My school van used to come at 8 in the morning so i used to watch the 7.30 show, get ready by watching it
and then used to leave at 8. In half an hour show they used to play 3 cartoon plays which was simply amazing.

Introducing another sketch for my world of colours to cartooniversal hope you liked this simple one

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