Thursday, June 24, 2010

Dexter my love :)

Dexter is an American animated series, a cartoon show where most, almost everyone's favourite cartoon character.
Being a dexter fan how could i not write about this cute boy in my blog :) Dexter's laboratory, is about a genius boy,who has an enormous secret laboratory, filled with an endless collection of his inventions, which is entered primarily through a bookshelf in his bedroom.

It was in 1996, the first season began and i was in 4th std, loved this cartoon coz dexter being so young is so talented by having a secret laboratory and dexter's older sister DeeDee always irritating him :) I used to relate this cartoon to my life where i used to say that i was DeeDee and Dexter was my younger brother ;) always irritating my cuttie brother :)
Dexter is normally in conflict with his older sister, DeeDee, who has talent for gaining access to Dexter's lab despite his best efforts to keep her out.
Dexter cartoon was being played 4 times a day. My school van used to come at 8 in the morning so i used to watch the 7.30 show, get ready by watching it
and then used to leave at 8. In half an hour show they used to play 3 cartoon plays which was simply amazing.

Introducing another sketch for my world of colours to cartooniversal hope you liked this simple one

Sunday, June 20, 2010

My Super hero :)

As much as mothers, fathers are also a great source of strength to children. And most importantly for daughters, fathers are the first men they would fall in love with :) Yes its so true.. My daddy is my super hero, strongest and most adorable person on the earth who has always guided me and given me such a beautifull life :)
        "He didn't tell me how to live; he lived, and let me
 watch him do it"
~Clarence Budington Kelland

At first, as i was thinking about writing a tribute to dad i was thinking how can few words justify for all these years of love, affection and strength we got from dad and then thought the real tribute to dad is my(our) life being happy all the time without any hurdles. Dad on this day i owe a big thanks(though this is not enough) to you for all the care that you took for our needs and interests in our lives.

Thank you dad for teaching me the most boring subject(to me) history... (dad was very good in history, as he is too much into politics). I still remember all the scoldings i used to get for this subject :) I still remember you when you took me surprisingly and showed me a beach when i was young,as i loved playing in water alot :) i still remember you used to get chocolates for me without
mom knowing about it, thanks dad for kindness, thanks dad for listening, for suggestions and yes for defends as well :) I always think my dad has strength of a mountain,he is a protector,provider,a super hero that he could do anything. When i was not in town for few months dad used to call me and tell "come back, its so boring without you" It feels so great to listen to these words, the long lasting love and affection :)

One of the best times to say "thank you dad" and "sorry dad" would be now, on this day :) Dad, you're someone to look up to no matter how tall I've grown.Dad, your guiding hand on my shoulder will remain with me forever.
I feel glad and proud to be able to call this wonderful man my dad :)

"Happy Father’s day daddy"

I am glad to be your daughter. Today and everyday I pray to God, for you to have a healthy and peaceful life.

"Lets all celebrate our blessed lives with the ones who are responsible for it, our fathers.
Last but not the least, i cherish to say "I love you Dad"


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*Wishing all father's "Happy father's day"
*June 21st is my dad's 52nd birthday so here's wishing daddy a very "HAPPY BIRTHDAY"

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

When Cupid struck....

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Memories of first crush are so full of feelings, emotions. We feel we have found our true love forever and ever :) Here goes the first time when cupid struck me :)

I was in my 9th standard, he was then in 2nd year engineering(brilliant student, especially in math’s) and that’s when I asked him to teach me math’s (I was very bad in math’s) I was almost getting less marks in math’s so i finally asked him to teach me so that I can improve.

And so he agreed to teach me, he said he will finish his college everyday and try to come home and teach me for an hour every day. So next day when he came he asked me for my math’s text book and he was looking at it(maybe he was thinking where to start from) and then he started teaching me Geometry. As and as he started I was looking into his eyes(not concentrating anything), my heart started to pond wildly, I lost myself, I was nodding my head like I was understanding whatever he used to say coz I was really scared of him then… He being such studious and intelligent guy and if I say I don’t know anything then I might feel ashamed so I was nodding my head for everything. He caught me once that I was not following what he was saying. He asked “Do you know what square, rectangle, parallelogram and circle is???” Due to sacredness I was not answering him anything then he took a match box and he was showing me how a square, rectangle, parallelogram and circle looks like and etc etc. At first I was wondering and scolding him inside myself telling “why the hell is he teaching me how those diagrams looks like???” Like I never knew those…. And then on the other hand I was like so so sweet of him he is teaching me from the dot :) I loved the way he used to explain to me. But I was not speaking anything just listening.

And then lectures went on and on for few days. Fondness, liking(not love) towards him was growing bit by bit ;) Then his exams started so he couldn’t teach me for 1 month and then lectures stopped over there and I started going to tuitions. I had no idea why I fell for him…. Life went on and I was in my 2nd PU(that’s 12th class) and he was working by then. He called me one fine day and proposed to me :) One of the wonderful moment off my life :)  And today after 5 years of courtship, completing my graduation I am married to him :) In our courtship he revealed to me telling it was during the time when he tutored me that even he liked me.

"Love at first sight is always the best love and true love"

:~ - I nEeD -
- I wAnT -
- I'd DiE tO bE -
- HiS LiFe -
- HiS LoVe -
- hIs EvErYtHiNg -

Saturday, June 5, 2010

World Environment's Day

World Environment Day(WED) celebrated on 5th JUNE is a day that promotes awareness of the environment and enhances public action, which is very much needed each and everyday to protect our mother earth.
Let us all get to know how environment is important to us, for our better living, for our Planet, for our future by changing our attitudes towards environmental issues. Today and everyday reminds everyone on this planet to get involed in environmental friendly activities. From school children, companies and governments all come together to pledge for buliding greener planet, "Our PLANET"

Let us GO Green and let us all start from our home by saving energy, water, reuse and recycle anything possible, grow plants and many more things. Today when i was reading paper, in one corner of the paper i read that the paper i'm reading is a recycled paper :) I felt happy to know about it.
In my terrace we have many plants which we are growing and feels so good to see it blosoom with flowers :) My hubby when he was young along with his dad planted a small plant in front of our house, today it has grown to be a big tree and its good to see flowers blooming out of it.

Lastly, "To make something special, you have to believe its special"