Monday, May 31, 2010

Captured Moments

Note: This post is my entry for blogadda which has come up with "Travel Photo Contest" with PringOO and here i am showing you my 5 best Travel shots:

Travelling and taking pics is one of my favourite thing which i like to do and over the past one and half year i have travelled lot of places. Let me show you one of the best pics or rather i can say these are the pics which i loved and captured :)

*Mysore Palace :
          Mysore, the captial city of Wodeyars and one of my favourite city :) we had been to this place last year for my hubby's birthday and this palace is one of the most magnificent building to see with these eletric lights lit up and yes all know about this palace. I took this pic from my cell in panoramic effect.
          We never knew the timings of when the palace would be lit up and we asked a localite out there and he informed us that the duration is for one hour and its from 7PM to 8PM and when we saw our watches it was already 7.40PM we had to rush to see the palace. Mysore traffic is not as worse as bangalore so we made it to that place by 7.55PM. 5mins left and i captured this magnificent palace as many as possible.

* Long Road :
           This was captured when i was travelling from Los angeles to Las vegas. Usually i never sleep in journeys how much ever tired i am for two reasons, one i would like to give company for person who is driving and the other coz i do not want to miss the scenery like this which come across suddenly in journey :) My hubby and myself we were travelling in bus,in the mid afternoon. Bus was climbing a small hill, i was eager to know what would come after this hill for which i hubby replied "of course a plain highway" but we saw long road, we both were stunned. Maybe i can say this was the first time i saw the longest road in my life and without wasting any time i captured this moment :)

*Mt Rushmore :
            Situated in South Dakota,USA. We cousins and myself, 5 of us drove 400miles from colorado to see this "United States Presidential Memorial" A granite sculpture. It was in the morning at 5 when we left. It was very sunny throughout the journey but when we were about to reach our destination it started snowing heavily :) we were not able to get down from our car, it was -4 degree celicus even during spring time in this part of the country and yes it was really tuf for us to take pics in that weather. But we really had fun time in snow played alot and took amazing pictures.

*Tsomogo Lake,Sikkim (East india):
           East india being one of the best place in incredible india, i was really lucky enough to cover few places in east :) I had been to Gangtok last year and on the way to Nathula Pass we get Tsomogo Lake. I was really shocked to see this lake on 12000 ft above and between mountains and whats more incredible is this lake is almost above clouds. SO in between two mountains and above the clouds is this oval shaped Lake. Stunning view :)

* Small Hut :
          This was captured in my village chittor, Andra Pradesh :) Why and when i took this pic was, we had lunch in my aunts house and after lunch we were relaxing in their house terrace and i was looking all round the place,mountains, greenery and this small hut captured my eyes which was just next to my aunts house :) I loved this house alot coz we being in a big city(bangalore) and staying in such big houses and having everything with us still we would like to have peacefull stay in such houses and i always wanted to build a small hut :) atleast to relax over the weekend ;)

“All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveler is unaware.” – Martin Buber

* Click on the picture for better view.


Rachana Shakyawar said...

@ Suni the word iget right this moment!

My fav. was the last one..a tiny reminds me of the times when we used to draw in school and make same kind of huts..!

Really awesome effort!

All the Best for the glad that you too are participating in it...hope you have left the link back in the blogadda page make this post valid for the contest!

Luv yeah!
~Keep the Spark Alive..

Rajesh said...

Beautiful images. I loved the Mysore Palace shot.
All the best.

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attiDuDe++ said...

Nice pictures, especially the one of Tsongmo lake. Been there last month but overcast skies denied us this view!

Vivek Nanda said...

Wonderful photos, I liked all of them. Good Luck.

Sunitha said...

@ rachana,

Thanks rachana :) All the best to you to :)

Way to go >>>>>

Sunitha said...

Thanks friends for visiting my blog and for your comments...

Keep visiting !!!

Way to go >>>>>>

Swaram said...

Nice selection of pics. Gr8 variety :)
I luvv Mysore too :)
Hv visited Gangtok .. its one beautiful place no :)
Gud luck for the contest!

Sorcerer said...

wow!!came here from another blog.

THe pics are soo amazing..

That lake pic...great!!

Namita Chandra said...

The picture of Tsomogo lake is absolutely great.

Sunitha said...

Thanks to all who have visited the blog and for the sincere appricitions :)

Way to go >>>>

Shruti said...

Nice shots !! I loved the one in Sikkim...Planning to visit East India soon :)

Keep up the good work..

Indli said...

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