Sunday, July 4, 2010

Invisible Acts

Given a chance who would miss an opportunity for "being invisible" and acquire all things one desires :) Everyone would love to, atleast once in their lifetime and i think i would probably go mad with this thought.
Here are my wishes which is on the "to-do" list when i go invisible to the visible eyes/world :)

One of the worst and the most irritating thing i would love to do is, if a person wants to go in elevator to the 8th floor i would love to press numbers from 1 - 7 ;) i had gone through this in my office and know how irritating it is....

I would love to go on world tour without any ticket price and most important thing to sit in pilot's place just to have a better view :) and of course to travel in cruises as i love water alot :)

Doing hell lot of shopping jump out of the mall without paying for it ;)

I would love to go and give a tight punch to all the people whom i hate :) I do not have grudges on anybody but yes i hate people who try to show off alot with their all time big attitudes and people who keep observing as to what you do 24/7.

And finally i would like to do something good after all these bad invisible acts,
i would love to steal toys from toy shop and give it to all young kids as i would love to see smile on each and every child's face :)


*This is my entry to blogadda contest "Being Invisible" in sponsership with "PringOO"

*This is one funny wishes which i have and i dont intend to hurt anyone by this.

Hope you enjoyed my silly invisible acts.
Do share your comments.

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