Thursday, May 20, 2010

USA Visit – Memorable trip of my life :)

I just returned back to India after 3months of US trip or rather I can say an official trip for my hubby and a vacation for me ;) Here in this post I would like to show all the places I visited over the past 3 months and like share my experiences :) So bear with the long post and njoy my experience, my first visit to USA, a different world.

We started our journey on Feb 7th Sunday to Las Vegas, the Gambling world :) Honestly speaking I never knew much about this place and I didn’t even have time to explore about this place before coming here but many people were telling my hubby in a surprised note “going to vegas on official trip” coz people usually go for vacation or to “Gamble”
Click here to know more about Las vegas.

I was lucky to stay in vegas for 7 whole weeks :) My hubby's work was in Casino some software engineer stuff while he was busy in fixing the issues he used to take me along with him and leave me in casino gave me some money and tell me to explore everything possible and left. So I used to roam around shop, hog. Once hubby finished his work we used to get back. I can say this was one of the best place I liked maybe coz I was able to stay here long. Most of my friends used to say “no one would get a chance to stay in Vegas for so long”

Next, Feb end we visited Indianapolis. It was freezing cold, close to 1-2 degrees and snow all over. I was really excited :) Played in snow took few pics. It was not the first time I saw snow but it was first time that I saw snowfall :) It was white all over. My hubby had work in this place for only 3 days as we had to come back again to Indianapolis later.

Then March 1st week we went to New York City :) The most populated city in United states. It was cold in this place as well. Over the weekend we covered all the possible places which we had to see. We saw WTC construction then took a boat ride to see the liberty statue, then we left to the Wall street, home for New York stock exchange, then to Brooklyn bridge walked the whole of bridge then we head to Madam Tussauds :) took few pics with famous personalities and then to Times Square :) Night view of times square with huge ads displayed on walls of buildings was amazing. Then we had dinner in Indian restaurant and by the time we reached back room it was 1am. Done with new York next day we planned to head to Washington DC but due to heavy snow fall we dropped our plan :( so I missed seeing it. All in all we saw major portion is what we felt and we started our journey back to Las Vegas again and stayed there for whole of March.

The whole of march I was in vegas covering all casinos and yes we visited in and around vegas. We had been to Grand canyon the Natural wonder of the world :) Click here to know my experience about grand canyon .

During march end we visited Los Angeles, The entertainment capital of the world :) We went for 3days, first day we visited santa monica beach, saw pacific ocean, the largest ocean in world. Next day we visited Disneyland :) played lot of games took pics with disney characters, saw movies. It was amazing :) and Sunday we visited Hollywood, Universal studios :) Played lot of games here as well saw how Hollywood works, stunts, music, action everything. There ends my LA trip.

Then April first week my hubby left to Canada and I could not accompany him as I didn’t have Canadian visa :( so I head to my cousin’s place Dallas, Texas. I had an amazing time with my cousin roamed, shopped, hogged and then I again left to Indianapolis. This time it is spring in Indianapolis and we stayed for a week here. Last time when I came here it was snow all over and now its green and beautiful all over. My hubby is great fan of Formula 1 and luckily there was an F1 track in Indianapolis so we visited and my hubby njoyed seeing the model of cars, track, pits. He was explaining me everything.

My hubby finished all his work in US and in the end took a week vacation and we visited our cousin place in Colorado Springs and we went to Dallas Texas, this time with my hubby. Let me first tell about Colorado springs. Mountains, mountains, mountains everywhere. Yes Colorado springs is famous for mountains that’s why i guess even the time zone is knows as Mountain time ;) Saw world’s highest suspension bridge, Mt Rushmore, Pikes Peak, Garden of the gods and on the last day we head to Denver Downtown :) 4 days in Colorado springs with snowfall, rain, sunny weather was really awsum. Had a wonderfull time.

Next we came to dallas and spent 5 days here, we saw aquarium, Rodeo show, did some shopping for our family and finally we head back to INDIA :)

All in all this was one of my memorable trip :) hope you njoyed.

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