Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Back to Incredible India :)

I can smell the Dosa's, Idli's, Pani puri, Bhele Puri, sweets, biryani, kebab and above all mom's food :) The sheer feeling of landing on crowded streets of my hometown, Bangalore,was amazing. I got the humming sound of mosquitoes at night, i feel the zing of meeting friends and family. Trust me guys it is really tuf to be away from all these.

India Rocks :)

We spent about 3months(though its less) in US, where the people are polite and quiet. The streets are clean and orderly. I have had one of the best times in my life holidaying :) Now we are back in India. I was in US for short time and that was the first time i was out of home without anybody(except my hubby) in my own different world.

Without wasting any time though i was in jetlag, i went to visit all my relatives and above all my great friends :)
Though i'm still in jet lag worst part which makes me sleep in odd times to avoid it or rather to come out of it i am keeping myself busy with meeting people, chatting, hogging and of course blogging(sharing my feelings) :)

Mom and mum in law making our favourite dishes. My dad getting me food from my favourite restaurants :) And i'm ending up giving all gifts to family and my friends :) Just for 3 months i'm getting so much of things now i can imagine how few people who return to india after years feel....
India seriously rocks :)

Our culture our world is unique and the best :)

Please wait for my next post,wherein i would like to share the places i visited over the last three months.


Sam said...

never been to US though, but I think the feeling of coming back to home is always the same, wherever u be.

Sunitha said...

Thats true :)

Sunitha said...

Thats true :)