Friday, April 9, 2010

The Grand Canyon - Natural wonder of the world

The Grand Canyon National park , Arizona, USA- One of the world Natural wonders of the world.Mark my words guys, one of the world's NATURAL wonders of the world. Over the weekend i had been to this place to capture the glimpse of the world's natural beauty :) Usually i have seen man-made wonders of the world but this Natural wonder of the world was an amazing experience of my life. Kindly go through this long post and njoy the beauty of our earth.

Grand Canyon - one of Earth's most powerful, inspiring landscapes overwhelms our senses through its immense size of 277 river miles (446km)long, up to 18miles (29km) wide and a mile (1.6km) deep. The immense and colourful grand canyon is valued worldwide as one of the earth's most powerful and inspiring scenic landscapes with its unique combination of size, colour and dazzling erosional forms of rocks.

The Grand canyon in all of its majestics is 1904 sq miles, inhabited with 67 animal species,16 species of fish,46 species of reptiles. Its history is so vast that 1.6 billion years rock could be found here. The grand canyon's red Landscape was created by long term erosion. It is a testament of earth's long history. Native Americans saw the canyon as holy land but for the pioneers it was a devil's valley. Nearly 2 billion years of Earth's geological history say The Colorado river and its tributaries cuts the canyon deep into the earth through layer after layer of rock.Powerful flows of water have created the landscapes. The layers of the rocks was formed with the difference in day and night temperatures. This natural bridge was formed as a result of calculus years of wind and water erosion. They say that grand canyon is getting wider and deeper each passing day.

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The grand canyon is of four rims i.e., North rim, South rim, West and East rim. You can choose any rim you want to visit.My hubby and myself started our journey to South rim at around 7 in the morning from LasVegas, which took us about 4 hours to reach and see the magnificent Natural wonder of the world. The south rim of Grand canyon is 7400 above sea level. There are various points of grand canyon to see but i saw two amazing points of grand canyon.
The Mather point and Bright Angel Lodge, yes we had to go inside this lodge to see the grand canyon. We had an amazing tour guide/bus driver who was entertaining us throughout the trip by giving us information about the grand canyon. He said Grand canyon receives about 5 million people a year. The journey from Las Vegas to South rim was pretty long and hectic but the journey was scenic with the first few miles i could see all mountains then the next few miles it was completely or only desert all around (as Arizona is a desert) and the last few miles with beautiful pine trees and snow all over :)

Once we reached the Mather point, it was very cold and windy. The bus driver gave us an hour time to spend in this point, it was 10 mins walk to see the grand canyon. Took loads of pictures and enjoyed the natural beauty. Because of the depth of the canyon the Colorado river was not visible. They say that river is visible at only certain points.Then there was a small museum which tells about the formation of grand canyon and pictures of rocks and its formation,i was actually amazed to see that the same rock in can be seen different during sunrise, sunset or noon :)

Then we head towards bright angel lodge, and we had another one hour to spend in this point. As soon as we enter this lodge there was a shopping place and we went out to see the spectacular canyon, had ice cream in the cold weather :) There are telescopes all over the place and from the telescope we saw the rocks and its colours,depth of canyon, in the distance we saw river flowing which was not visible without telescope. All in all it was an amazing trip of my life. Hope you njoyed going through this small trip ;)

"This canyon is a gift that we experience. Its timelessness provokes a comparison to our short existence. In its vast spaces we may find solace from our hectic lives"

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