Friday, April 2, 2010

Seven Random facts about me :)

My sweet friend rachana has tagged me to share 7 random facts about me. Though i thought its very simple to write facts about myself but when i started to pen down i got to know how much i need to think ;)
So here you go the seven random deadly facts about myself :

** I used to draw :
             During my school days i was very good at drawing, and i don't even remember when i left such a nice habit :( i still remember my friends used to say "how come you have so much patience in putting so many lines or dots" in any particular picture which requires lines and dots. Thinking to get back to by drawing soon and i have thought a name for it as well. Will introduce once I'm ready with my sketch :)

** I hate cooking :
           I always relish food cooked by my mom or mum in law but i don't like cooking maybe because I'm busy with other things that i had never thought of cooking. But whenever i cook i do it perfectly so that it tastes yum!!!!!

** Prayer:
           I always say a silent prayer before i go to bed. Fortunately by grace of god and with the influence of my school teacher, i developed this habit of thanking god before sleeping by saying a small prayer. I thank him for one more wonderful day of my life. This was taught to me by my school teacher, she says by doing this we will learn to say thanks to everyone who helps us in someway or the other. After i started of with praying i got to know its importance and i suggest all my friends to pray before they go to sleep as it truly helps us.

** Chocolate :
             I have a very bad habit of looking at others who are having chocolates or chocolate ice cream. Even when i find them in magazines i atleast spend 5mins looking at it. And whenever i go to have ice cream i always take death by chocolate ice cream. Yummm!!!!

** Ending :
           I hate endings :( for eg., when i go to visit some place any of my fav place like beach or njoying nature i would never like to leave it and come(though i have to) i never used to like that moment to end. Even when i go to movies or shopping or dinner with my hubby i keep asking what next? Unfortunately he says "HOME" Its the End!!! :(

** Laziness:
             I am such a lazy brat. All the people at home call me lazy female :) but for me i feel I am lazy when it comes to do things which i hate but when it is something i like then i will do it right away. I think that's how most of the people are.

** Lastly i would like to say that i can never calculate a big amount without a calculator:
       Being an accounts student I'm so used to using a calculator that i can never calculate a simply amount. Even if i have to subtract or multiply i need a calculator. I know its a bad habit i didn't even put an effort to learn it without calculator. Hopefully i should learn soon :)

Wow that's was pretty tuf to think about myself ;) Hope you liked it. Do share your comments.


  • I thank my friend rachana for the tag and hope you liked reading it. By this you would have got to know about me ;)
  • I'm new to the blogging world so i would not be able to tag anyone as i do not have many friends in blogging field. Njoy !!!!!


Shadow said...

Firstly, thanks for your words. This will encourage me to make time out of my crazy office hours. Secondly, I hate people who leave their passion. It's so great that you are thinking to be back. Waiting for ...

Rachana Shakyawar said...

Its really amazng to read you bullet points...and yeah the last one is great..and perhaps we share all most same interests :P