Monday, March 8, 2010

International Womens day (March 08)

The international women's day celebrated on 8th March of every year is a
universal day for all women around the world.
Here is a small post on womenhood.

Women is a companion of man,
GIFTED with equal mental capacity.

In many parts of the world Women's day is celebrated with high respect.
International Womens day is meant to appreciate those who have the biggest
but quietest influence in our lives. A women is a pillar of temple foundation.

Here is a small video which tells about women and how women's day originated and how a women has been excelled, do spend sometime to watch the video which caught my eyes.

I take this opportunity to write about women and the essense of womenhood.

We have come a long way from struggle and sacrifice a women has made through ages.For eg,. my mother, a women who has spent all her life with her kids bringing them up and concentrating on our future, our career, our life.

The dedication a mother does to her child has no words to put it across, to express and i know all them agree with what i say :) Infact we can differentiate the liberty, freedom given to us with our mothers. It wouldnt have been the same like we have now. The freedom given to me is lot different to the freedom given to my mother by her mother. This shows how a women has been improved over the ages. There is a saying which goes like "men build houses, women build hearth" This means women always hold an important postion in bringing about a family.

International womens day was created to inspire women throughtout the world to work towards equailty. I feel proud to say that we find women in all fields name it is Business, Politics, Fashion,
Industry, Politics, Education, Sports. Oh the list goes on....

So for all the women out there, this day is meant for acknowledging the achievements, contribution and struggles of a women all around the world.

"Be to her virtues very kind,
be to her faults a little blind"

Here's wishing you all wonderfull time celebrating womenhood.

International women's day: A celebration of mystery called WOMEN

Sorry for the delay friends as i was travelling over the weekend i could not post any thoughts of mine.Hope you like this small post as it was my first attempt and first post for blog.Do leave your comments as i would appreciate it and your suggestions so that i can correct my mistakes and learn more.
Thank you


Rachana Shakyawar said...

@ Suni
Absolutely Stunning write up for the best day to count on!

Happy wO+man's day!

sunitha said...

Thank you rachana :)
happy women's day !!!

bitterchoc said...

uummm....Grand Canyon!! wish i was thr too...missed it...hope u u loads...muaahh