Saturday, March 20, 2010

Bermuda Traingle

The first time i got to know about this place or name Bermuda Triangle was in KAUN BANEGA COREPATI- series 1.Yes Bermuda triangle is a place near US which connects to Florida and Puerto Rica and it forms as a triangle. The mystery/myth about this triangle is that if you travel by ship or plane in this or inside this triangle "you would disappear" Yes you heard it right Bermuda Triangle also known as "Devil's Triangle"

Now let me get back as to how i got to know about this place, as i said in series 1 of kaun banega program, a contestant wishes, to go to Bermuda triangle with Amitabh bachchan ;) because he wanted to disappear with him so that he could be with him all the time :) I still remember that scene which i saw in star plus all the audience laughed to glory :)I was really young to understand about this place then but i only got to know that if we travel in that place we would disappear. I really don't know how far this myth is true but there are lot of incidence which has happened in this place.
Last night i was watching about this in Discovery channel and saw alot of incidence which has happened in Bermuda Triangle and felt that i should write about this place in my blog as i love this place and its very interesting to know such places as well ;) Read this post of mysterious sea/ocean/area/TRIANGLE. Enjoy the mystery which has continued to attract the attention.

Bermuda Triangle, also know as Devil's Triangle, near south eastern coast of Atlantic ocean located near International waters, The Bahamas a very real place where dozens of ships, planes and people have disappeared with no good explanation.The mystery of Bermuda triangle began in 1950. Many scientists have given the explanation or reasons for the disappearances of ships/plans/people in this area. Scientists have said that environment has played a part in the disappearances. It is been cited that the reasons are either man-made or due to natural causes. It has been discovered that there is large amount of methane gas in the ocean floor in this triangle area which is causing the disappearance. This methane gas is formed due to decayed bodies of sea creatures and because of this methane gas it will not be able to provide the required flexibility for the ships to sail in water. Due to this erosion, the ships sinks without a hint of warning. During such times of erosion even planes faces the danger as it can catch fire.

Other reasons cited are storms, bad weather, under water earth quakes which occurs without any warning and which causes extremely large waves, hurricanes for which ships sinks deep into the ocean without leaving a trace.It is also been known that people who have entered this area, have faced problems when they tried to use their compass,this is because of the magnetic differences in the area.The US Board of Geographic Names does not recognize the Bermuda Triangle as an official name. The US Navy does not believe the Bermuda Triangle exists.

Watch this small video about flight 19 one of the famous well-know incident happened in Bermuda triangle during Dec 5th,1945.Flight 19 an incident which never left any evidence as to what happened.

Flight 19 of Bermuda Triangle
There was another incident which i saw in discovery a pilot was flying to Miami, florida from Puerto Rica over Bermuda triangle when suddenly he discovered some strange cloud was forming around the flight. A tunnel was forming around them and it seemed that the only way to go out of it is to go through the tunnel. They could absolutely see no ocean,no sky,no horizon only the formation of gray clouds around them. Flight's navigational instruments didn't respond. After sometime Pilot see that the tunnel peels away and he is right above the Miami beach. He was amazed, a flight which had to take 75min to reach Miami just took 40 mins for him reach and his instruments started working. IT is believed that magnetic storms from within the earth break through the surface and come into the atmosphere which soon disappears which is why this tunnels form.

There are many other incidences which has happened in this Devil's triangle but cannot be believed whether its true or just a myth.

The Bermuda Triangle thus still remains to be an enigma to many.

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