Monday, October 11, 2010

Tangy tomato soup :)

Past few days i had a craving to have soups and whats interesting is i wanted to do it by myself instead of having it outside ;) Whenever we talk of soups, tomato soup comes on top of the list.
So over the weekend i tried my hands on tomato soup which is of course very simple, delicious and quick to make.

Kids basically love tomato soup alot and in my house my nephews relish this alot and for the people who are on diet can also add this healthy soup into their menu list :) I still remember how my friends and myself used to have tomato soup for 5 Rupees during winters for the cold in my 12th grade in the great hot spot cool joint near jayanagar(Bangalore) :)

Ingredients :

2 Tomatoes : Cut into big cubes
1 Onion : Chopped into big cubes
1 small Carrot : Cut into cubes
Ginger and garlic : About 1/2 of ginger and 6 to 7 garlic pods
Black pepper powder

Method :

1) Take the above ingredients(tomato,onion,carrot,ginger&garlic) into a bowl, add some water and pressure cook it up to 3 whistles.

2) Add the boiled vegetables into mixer grinder make it a fine paste.
3) Now filter the above paste into a bowl so that we get a puree.
4) On a low flame, add some water to boil the soup for the consistency
5) Add pepper powder and salt and garnish with coriander.

Tangy tomato soup is ready. You can relish this during this monsoon time :)

1)I have not added bread chunks,cream milk to it coz since this is on diet menu i have added oats into it.
2)People who wish to add bread chunks heat oil in a pan and fry bread cubes until golden brown, drain it and add the bread cubes after soup is ready.Do not add it while cooking coz this will make soup thick.


Larissa Dundon said...

I have read your recipe post on "Tangy tomato soup". It seems very delicious. I am working in Vancouver public relations and I am always busy because of my work and because of that I can't give my time to my kids or my husband. I got free time only on weekends or on sunday. And on sunday I spend all my day with family only. I love to make new dishes for them. My kids love Indian spicy food. I used to make Indian food from youtube or from reading blogs. Now this sunday I will make tomato soup for my kids. Thank you so much for your recipe.
Best regards

Eric Stalker said...

Hello, I am really thankful to you for posting on how to make tomato soup for just 5 rs. Your recipe is very easy and even I can cook it too for my wife and i will serve it on her favourite moscow mule cups. Please keep posting easy recipe.
Best regards

Erie Tree Trimmers said...

Wow, that is very easy to make. I love tomato soup but now a days tomato rate is very high, so make soup only twice in a month or once in a month. haha. But thanks for sharing your recipe with us. I would surely try your recipe also.
Best regards
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