Saturday, October 2, 2010

Happy birthday bapu :)

Here's wishing bapu a very happy birthday :) Mohandas karamchand Gandhi, better known as BAPU was born on 2nd October,1869.
Gandhiji, a forgotten man, here is a small tribute to bapu on the occasion of his 141 birth anniversary.

Whatever you do will be insignificant, but it is very important that you do it.
Mahatma Gandhi

Gandhji was given the title Mahatma(great soul) which indeed he was, a man who played a vital role in getting independencefor our country(INDIA) from british empire. He proved to the world that freedom can be achieved through the path of non-violence - a true symbol of peace and truth! There is a quote which he says "There is no god higher than the truth" I was really moved by reading this thought i felt there was so much truth in this. Hats off to our Bapu :)
WHEN GANDHI was born British rule had been established in India.When Gandhi died it was India, a free nation that mourned his loss. He won the great battle and he was the admiration of the world.His image is one of the most recognizable in history the thin, bald,looking man wearing round glasses and a simple white wrap. Gandhi lived a life of simplicity and his example has inspired protesters and campaigners for human rights.
Today while i was reading paper about Gandhi i read an article in one corner of the page wherein a traveler who came from Europe to India about 35yrs ago was asked 'What do you wish to see in India?’ His reply was: 'The Himalayas, The Taj Mahal and Mahatma Gandhi' We can clearly understand that It was neither wealth nor power that made Gandhiji so famous. He became famous for certain good quality that he possessed.He looked upon all with love,and worked all through life to put an end to hatred and to spread love.From ancient times such a man of love has been called a 'Mahatma 'in India.

Though Gandhi lived, suffered and died in India for Indians, it is not in relation to India's destiny alone that his life has significance. Future generations will not only remember him as a patriot, politician and nation-builder but much more.


Sam said...

When will they recognize him internationally? when will nobel peace prize come?

Sunitha said...

He's a forgotten man in india Sam and do you think they will recognize him internationally????? But i kind of feel internationally he is a know person :)