Friday, July 23, 2010

richies rich biryani :)

Biryani being one of the most relished food for all non vegetarians and Yes I'm here to tell for all  the non vegetarian lovers that there is a restaurant in b'lore which is famous for yummy biryani :)
Rahamans family restaurant which is commonly know RICHES hotel :) This restaurant has many branches but i have visited the one in Frazer town and R T Nagar, Bangalore.

Biryani perfectly cooked with incredible spices and it is not made of the famous basmati rice but it is made out of jeera rice and when we taste it we can feel that its 3/4th boiled but really each and everyone will enjoy biryani in this restaurant :)

As we enter the hotel right outside there will be people taking parcel and over there we can see that lot varieties of kebab's and yummy tandoori are available :)

As my whole family visited this hotel last week so i tried and captured few pics to show you guys so that there will be some mouth watering happening for you guys as well ;) we entered this hotel we ordered for fish fry, sholey kebab,roti and hyderbadi chiken curry and the biryani :)
Lastly they serve us the yummy rice kheer :)

Hoping all bangaloreans will visit this restaurants and then you will only keep visiting it ;) and all outsiders to surely have a taste before leaving bangalore:)
Enjoy :)


Sam said...

I'm going this weekend. Thanks for letting me know... :)

Sunitha said...

Njoy Sam :)

Anonymous said...

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Aayath Khan said...