Friday, August 20, 2010

Varamahalakshmi Puja celebrations

Wishing all my friends a very Happy Varamahalakshmi (Goddess of auspiciousness/wealth) :)

Festivals and rituals, the Hindu way have their own significance in one's spiritual evolution. I am so excited about today’s festival coz this is one main festival for all married Women’s, specially celebrated in south India :) Here I would like to tell the significance of this festival as well as to tell/share few pics as to how I celebrated this festival today with my relatives and show you guys how nicely each and everyone decorate Lord lakshmi.

Lord Lakshmi - In my home

Varamahalakshmi, The term Vara means “Blessing” Hence this day is to be believed that Lord lakshmi grants her blessing to the worshippers. This festival falls on Friday in the month of Ashada , also called as Adi, which corresponds to the English months of July-August. This festival is performed by married women before the full moon day. We pray for the eight forces/energies which are recognized as Sri(Wealth), Bhu(Earth), Sarasvathi(learning), Preethi(love), Kirti(Fame), Santi (Peace), Tushti (Pleasure) and Pushti(Strength). Each one of these forces is called a lakshmi and all the eight forces are called as Ashta lakshmi and there are more to know about lord lakshmi but whats important is i wait for this festival to go visit everyone's house to see the god :)

We woke up in the wee hours and started putting rangoli in front of the house, tied saree to the god, decorated with flowers, fruits, sweet and did puja :) After the puja I visited all aunts house took the pics in everybody’s house to show you guys how we south Indians celebrate one of the important as well as my favorite festival.
Here are few pics:

Hope you Njoyed and once again wishing everyone happy varamahalakshmi :)


Shruthi. Lilly said...

how did you decorated and tied saree for god please teach me dear

Radha Basavaraj said...

HI, how did you decorated and tried saree for god please, please please teach me

karthyayini said...

How was hands of goddess lakshmi made up of